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Our Future

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Shotengai Marketplace

Intra-Discord economy. Engage to earn $Oban! Spend $Oban Coins to buy WL, Giveaway Vouchers, Slash Pass Tickets, and much more!

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Gas-Back Guarantee

Ancient Samurais respected the beauty in nature, so we abolished of harmful gas. Immediately after mint, you will receive 100% of the ETH you spent on gas right back into your wallet.

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Alpha Scrolls

Daily, you will be delivered a letter full of the best next buys in the Metaverse. Written to help you profit. (Free trial until mint)

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Allow List Hunters

You will have access to a team of full time Whitelist Hunters, who work with other projects to grant our clan WL spots! This will be their only job.

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Slash Pass

Limited edition pass full of exclusive benefits on our NFT World. More information coming soon!

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NFT Worlds

Reinvesting mint profits back into our community with an NFT Worlds purchase... time to build!

Earn $WRLD by completing quests, defeating bosses, and defending your castle from the dark spirits.

Our Mission

Samurai Guys is the first Gas-Back project on the ETH blockchain. Our mission is to onboard our investors into the NFT Space and NFT Worlds ecosystem. We look out for the little guy by eliminating gas, and ensuring you make your mint money back, fast. We always like to say:

"Our clan is GMI whether they like it or not!"

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The Samurai Story

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Chapters stealth dropped every few days. Check Lore for the full story...

Meet Our Team

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The Empress

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 Graciously defeating foes with her astounding abilities, The Empress has experience leading teams of 20+ people in extremely fast paced, stressful environments and has honed strong managerial skills. She has spent months studying market trends, successful projects, and crypto to understand what key factors will lead us to success.

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OJ Knight

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With sword and mind united, OJ Knight has worked as a technology executive at 2 individual Fortune 500 companies (one in the top 50). He has previous experience working as a supportive role for a $1M+ NFT project. He has lead dozens of warriors into battle for many moons. 

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Jon Hawk

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As a master designer and manager, Jon Hawk has grinded in discord servers for the past 7 years. This experience has trained him to understand what people want to see, how to envoke excitement, and how to construct an authentic community.  


The Slash Pass

A new way to play...

Use your exclusive pass to get extra $WRLD in our P2E MMORPG game!

More information is coming soon.

Get one from our Discord Marketplace while you still can [Limited Supply]

Contact Us


For all enquiries, please reach out to us using the form below. Or email us at

Let us know how your day is going! :)