The Daisho Dynasty

The Daisho Dynasty is a time period of Samurais, new weaponized technology, and a strong scent of brewing war.


Welcome to a 9 part series of Samurai knowledge essential to have the most fun and earn the most $wrld in our P2E game. Chapters will continue to be stealth dropped.


Chapter 01

The Introduction

The ground quivers and the Earth goes quiet. Spirits have been ravaging nearby Empires and I fear the Daisho Dynasty is next….

Meanwhile, the Daisho Dynasty has yet to feel the peace of yesteryear. Since the discovery of new technologies, our cities have begun to prosper. Our once balanced, plentiful landscape is ever changing, causing unrest amongst our people and disrupting the spirits around us.

The leaders of our world scramble to improve their standing, as they each get their hands on fortified items to consolidate power. The shifting power balance has disrupted our natural world. Most importantly, it has angered the great Deities that reside in the spirit realm.

Through this, the population clings to the spiritual teachings bestowed upon us. The need for the Samurai has never been more apparent.

Chapter 02

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy surges through our great Dynasty. We were gifted this power from other worldly forces, which can be used to amass good… or to spread evil.

Mighty Deities and lesser spirits serve as monoliths of power, wisdom, and grace. Mass quantities of concrete and weaponry are crushed under their immense power. The spiritual power granted to us serves as the only balance- saving us from judgement...

World figures compete for the favor of these Deities in order to gain wealth, political power, and security for their legions. Yet, the only ones brave enough to face them are the Samurai.


Chapter 03

Samurai Strength

The Samurai class is revered by the people of our world. They symbolize the strength of the dynasty where their might spreads security and peace far across the land.

They are vessels for spiritual energy, which they use to enforce the will of the Deities that inhabit them. You can not just become a Samurai.

Rigorous training is required to join the legions of the Samurai. Spiritual, physical, mental, and technical proficiency must be achieved to wield the powers of the Samurai.

Chapter 04

Feudal Status

Members of our dynasty abide closely to feudal law, where nepotism, wealth, and status sign supreme. Deities and pride are driving forces of change for our people and Samurais are no different.

Some work for their Deities to preserve their spiritual foundations. Others wander the land, collecting bounties as mercenaries. Remaining Samurais embark on journeys for the Shogun to increase their favor. Samurai will unite to fight dark forces and defend the Daisho Dynasty.


Chapter 05

Samurai Weaponry

As the dynasty around us enters a period of change, so do the great weapons of the Samurai. The age of firearms may be upon us.

Yet, this fire power is relegated to sidearms. In response, spiritual fortification and less traditional melee armaments are growing more common. Samurais must continuously become faster, stronger, and more creative with their skills to succeed.

Through rigorous training they increase in strength, giving life to powerful warriors.

Chapter 06

Sacred Code of Honor

The Samurai adhere to a sacred code of honor, strictly. To defy this code would cast them from their Samurai Clan and they would be exiled from the dynasty.

Regardless of allegiance, the Samurai are united by their mutual higher calling, serving Hachiman- God of war. Hachiman grants strength to the Samurai with firm resolve, discipline, and dignity. He favors the Samurai who use immense courage to fight strategic battle head on.

The desire to be a great and honorable warrior runs through the blood of the Samurai, driving their fire, not-compromised by riches, fame, and fortune.


Chapter 07

Coming Soon...